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Spirulina Is Better For Pet Than Man-made Multi-vitamins

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Spirulina is better for your pet than man-made multi-vitamins.

Spirulina is the best choice of natural multivitamin for pets. And its a better choice than man-made multivitamins.

There are plenty of studies that provide evidence that synthetic vitamins don’t work. Its not that they don’t include the nutrients that they claim, but its because the nutrients aren’t absorbed into the body. There are many reasons whey nutrients might not be absorbed but it is particularly common in unnatural products, such as most of the store bought man-made vitamins.

Spirulina on the other hand, is very easily absorbed by the bodies of humans and pets alike. This is due to the very biology of spirulina, having no cellulose and a soft cell wall that is easily broken down during digestion.

How can spirulina benefit pets?

Spirulina can provide pet with a good amount of Protein – has anywhere from 55-70% of its weight in protein, which is more than any natural food, YES more than meats and fish. And its “complete” with all essential amino acids Vitamin E – 44 times more vitamin E than pure wheat germ, which is known for its vitamin E content

Phycocyanin – this comprises 16% of its weight and resembles bilirubin, which is a very powerful antioxidant Beta carotene – 24% more beta carotene content per weight than carrots Gamma-Linolenic Acid – provides a good amount of this essential fatty acid Iron – over 2 times more iron per weight than chicken liver.

And these are just some of the numerous nutrients that can benefit your pet.

The most notable nutrient that spirulina provides very well might be the Phycocyanin, listed above. This powerful antioxidant is still in need of more study, but is thought to benefit pets in many ways.

Without antioxidants in the body, free-radicals would run rampant and literally destroy the body slowly. Free-radicals are unstable molecules that need to be stopped. They can damage many important organs, but the most noticeable being the skin. And hair follicles are part of the skin organ so free-radicals can damage your pets coat.

Not only is Phycocyanin an antioxidant, but it is also an antiproliferative agent and is thought to be able to prevent cancer.

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