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Shanghai CPHI&NEX FAIR 2018

- Jul 02, 2018 -


3Days Shanghai CPHI exhibition is over. This exhibition is an experience and a growth for Zhejiang Bingmei. As a leading company in the phycocyanin industry, Bingmei has entered into a new international stage. I believe that Bingmei will have a bright prospects.

During the exhibition, many customers came to visit our booth.Our staff were eager to explain the phycocyanin and superfine powder of Spirulina. Among them, phycocyanin E18, phycocyanin E25 and phycocyanin E3.0 have attracted the attention of many visitors and purchasers. According to the different needs of different customers, Bingmei sales staff provide a series of explanations and introduction, the process of the exhibition is orderly, Bingmei popularized the more quality products to all over the world, and built a world of its own with strength.

Binmei Fair picture 1.png

BINMEI MR Zhang(Left) ,Customer(Middle),Connie Chen(Right)

binmei fair picture 4.png

Binmei Mr Zhang Show Products

binmei Fair picture 3.png

Binmei Mr Pan communicated with customers

Binmei Fair picture 2_副本.png

Binmei Salesman introduced our products-Phycocyanin with customers

Binmei Main Product is Phycocyanin, a kind of Spirulina extract, It is natural edible blue pigment, 100% soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, red fluorescence stimulated by light and rich in protein, can be widely used in food additives, cosmetics additives, medical care products, biological and chemical cells, Special reagents .

How to distinguish the quality of natural phycocyanin? Phycocyanin is the only natural pigment recognised by FDA.According to the international custom, we use professional analysis. A strict standard for internal control of enterprises has been established. According to the purity and usage of products, we can be divided into food grade, cosmetic grade, pharmaceutical grade and reagent grade. The higher the purity, the higher the color value. For ordinary consumers, the most important factor that affects the quality of the product is the activity of the protein. The cyanoprotein denatured or most of the deactivated products are also called phycocyanin, and also have biological safety. But its unique biological efficacy has been weakened or lost, and its function and nutritional value are not different from tofu. High quality phycocyanin freeze-dried powder has good fluidity and no agglomeration. Gently stir in the cold water and dissolve immediately. On the contrary, denatured inactivation of phycocyanin is not easy to dissolve in aqueous solution, with irregular granular precipitation.

In the future, people's awareness of healthy food is getting stronger and stronger, and the awareness of natural pigment food safety is getting higher and higher. As the leading company in the phycocyanin industry, the only thing we can do is to build our brand with our heart and responsibility for health and safety. By the Shanghai CPHI exhibition, Bingmei innovating brilliantly!


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