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New Materials And Technologies Make Solid Beverages More Colorful

- Aug 11, 2018 -

New Materials And Technologies Make Solid Beverages More Colorful


As a big branch of beverages, solid beverages have huge market potential. In order to meet people's pursuit of nutrition and quality, the solid beverage industry is also facing the transformation and upgrading of nutrition and function. Currently, the new functional food spirulina extract( phycocyanin) is the first choice nutrient for solid beverages. 


 spirulina extract( phycocyanin) is the first choice nutrient for solid beverages. .jpg



Strengthen standard regulations and strictly control security risks


In recent years, the development of solid beverages is slightly inferior to that of liquid beverages, and the development of the industry is in urgent need of breakthroughs. As the public's demand for quality of life and the pursuit of nutrition & health will become an opportunity to stimulate the growth potential of solid beverages. The spirulina extract (phycocyanin) will greatly enhance the growth potential of solid beverages.


The healthy development of the solid beverage industry requires the efforts of all industries to promote together. We have continued to make unremitting efforts in the revision and implementation of relevant standards, the implementation of food safety guarantees, the supervision of Chinese herbal medicine raw materials, the strengthening of enterprise management, the establishment of a sound quality system, and the adoption of advanced equipment and instruments. Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is committed to research, produce and sell spirulina extract (phycocyanin). Many technical achievements of Binmei Biotechnology were recognized and selected as new national standards in the ‘National Standard of Food Safety for Additive Phycocyanin’of China.





New foreign products are emerging, the market segmentation trend is obvious


By analyzing a large number of solid beverage products in Europe, America and Japan, we have learned that the development of new products requires reasonable material selection and more accurate market positioning.


Take the Japanese market as an example, the concept of total nutrition is generally chosen, replacing simple protein mixing and single protein composition. Taste innovation, gender and age breakdown, weight management, and market segmentation of sports nutrition are important features of Japanese solid beverage products. The spirulina extract (phycocyanin) has become a new raw material for the development of solid beverages in Japan. Because spirulina extract (phycocyanin) can lose weight, strengthen muscle energy, protect joints, enhance immunity, and promote metabolism.


American products use more dietary fiber and combine some raw materials. Digestion& absorption and sports nutrition are two major categories of solid beverages in the United States, of which digestion&absorption is the first major category. The newest spirulina extract(phycocyanin) fruit beverages, spirulina extract(phycocyanin) vegetable beverages are more and more popular with consumers.


 Solid beverages drinks made by spirulina extract phycocyanin.jpg


New technology provides support, nutrition and interesting directions


In recent years, some new technologies, such as microencapsulation technology, freeze drying technology, and ultrafine pulverization technology, have been applied to the production of solid beverages. What difference does this bring to solid beverages?


In recent years, there are two basic development directions for solid beverages. One is the use of natural juices and plant extracts of fruits and berries, such as spirulina extract phycocyanin, which emphasizes natural and nutrient; the other is the deployment of gas-containing foam. Powder, focusing on the novelty of gas production and foaming. The application of new technologies provides support for product innovation and development.


The use of microcapsule technology to prepare solid beverages can make the product particles uniform and unique, with a unique rich flavor, which dissolves rapidly in hot and cold water. The color is similar to that of fresh juice, and it is not volatile, and the product can be stored for a long time.


Microencapsulated functional oils can be directly added to solid beverages to maintain good physicochemical stability; microencapsulated probiotics can significantly improve bacterial vigor and tolerance; microencapsulated natural flavors and fragrances can improve stability and prolong Release time.


The principle of the vacuum freeze-drying technique is to pre-freeze the product under vacuum and sublimate it to water vapor in an ice state, thereby removing moisture and drying the product. The biggest advantage of vacuum freeze drying compared to other technologies is the retention of nutrients in the product as much as possible.


Superfine Spirulina powder used in solid beverage.jpg 


The superfine pulverization technology is different from the general mechanical pulverization method in that it uses the supersonic gas stream and the cold syrup to achieve the purpose of pulverization. The advantages of ultrafine pulverization are remarkable, local overheating does not occur in the process, and even operation at a low temperature state is possible, the pulverization speed is fast, the bioactive component of the product is largely retained, and a high quality product is easily prepared. At present, the soft beverages that have been developed by using the airflow micro-grinding technology include pink tea, superfine spirulina powder beverage, bean solid beverage and ultra-fine bone powder to prepare calcium-rich beverage.

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