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Mid Autumn Day-Chinese Festival

- Sep 21, 2018 -

Mid Autumn Festival -Chinese

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Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) is a harvest festival,  is one of the most important festivities in China, According to Chinese lunar calendar, the 15th day of the 8th month is the exact midst of autumn, so it's called the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is an evening celebration when families gather together to light lanterns, eat moon cakes and appreciate the round moon. On that night, the moon appears to be at its roundest and brightest. The full moon is a symbol for family reunion, which is why that day is also known as the Festival of Reunion.


How the Chinese Celebrate Mid-Autumn


Particularly on the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese people get together with their family. They eat dinner together with their extended family (usually three generations) at the grandparents’ home. Food for the dinner includes duck, taro, and other regional festival foods, which may take most of the afternoon to prepare.

After dinner, the family traditionally offer sacrifices to the moon, in the belief that the moon will bring them good luck. The offerings may include mooncakes and symbolic fruits. If the weather is favorable, they then appreciate the bright moon while eating mooncake. During a bright moon night, many families choose to go outside to a park to gaze at the moon.  

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What the Chinese Eat for Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncakes are the must-eat Mid-Autumn food in China. They are a traditional Chinese pastry. Chinese people see in the roundness of mooncakes a symbol of reunion and happiness.

Other foods eaten during the festival are harvest foods, such as crabs, pumpkins, pomeloes, and grapes. People enjoy them at their freshest, most nutritious, and auspicious meanings are particularly associated with round foods.



Why Is the Moon Festival Celebrated?


In the past, the Moon Festival was celebrated at harvest time. Ancient Chinese emperors worshiped the moon in autumn to thank it for the harvest. The ordinary people took Mid-Autumn Festival as a celebration of their hard work and harvest. Today, people mainly celebrate the moon festival as a time for family reunions.

We Binmei,here wish everybody have a good holidays!!!


                        Now, Go,Go,Go..............Let’s enjoy our Mid-Autumn Festival holidays!!!!!

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