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How To Make Personalized And Functional Beverages With Blue Spirulina

- Dec 25, 2018 -


In the next decade, there will be a lot of possibilities for plant protein drinks, blue spirulina beverages, plant waters, and odor drinks. In order to seize the beverage market, major companies have launched personalized, functional drinks,such as functional blue spirulina beverages.


Since the birth of the beverage market, it has been continually seeking new changes. The beverage market has also responded positively as the public's demands for health and functionality have increased. In the next decade, there will be a lot of possibilities for plant protein drinks, blue spirulina beverages, plant water, and odor drinks. In order to seize the beverage market, major companies have launched personalized and functional drinks.

Blue Velvet Latte 

The flavor of coffee has become more and more peculiar in the past two years. Since the turmeric latte was praised by the fashion circle in 2016, there are more and more plant materials + coffee products. For example, some Chinese companies have launched the Blue Velvet Latte in 2018. Blue Velvet Latte is made with BINMEI blue spirulina + coffee.

BINMEI blue spirulina is extracted from organic spirulina (belongs blue green algae), as beautiful as the sky.

 Blue Velvet Latte personalized beverage with BINMEI blue spirulina


Plant Protein Drink

Koia is a brand that specializes in 100% plant protein beverages. Compared to Silk and Califia Farms, Koia's plant protein source will be better. In addition to almonds and coconut protein, each flavor will have Koia's proprietary protein mixture. A new range of fruity products is available in three flavors: chocolate banana, mango cream and strawberry cream.

Each bottle contains 18 grams of plant protein and 6 grams of sugar. All beverages are natural, non-dairy, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO. The Koia brand has developed rapidly in the market since its launch. The main reason is that the brand continues to meet the needs of consumers, that is, to obtain a plant-based product.


BINMEI blue spirulina is a rarely blue protein.It can be as the functional ingredient and natural colorant for beverages and food. It can improve immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-radiation, enrich the blood, strengthen metabolism, keep full vitality, and so on.

Koia Plant protein drink

Minute Maid 'milk shake'

Coca-Cola India is currently launching a Minute Maid Milkshake product to expand the Minute Maid product line, a beverage that adds fruit, milk and nutrients. The product contains real mango juice, banana puree, whole milk and other nutrients such as vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin E, zinc and calcium. These substances play a key role in metabolism and can enhance the strength and endurance of the body.

The fruit used in this product is made from locally grown fruit in India. It is designed to cater to the tastes of Indians and caters to mothers who want to provide nutrition and taste to their children. In recent years, “regional” ingredients have become the trend of food and beverage development, and processed into end products based on local plant materials to meet the needs of people in specific consumption areas. In the coming months, Coca-Cola India will also launch other popular flavor products in the region.

Minute Maid milk shake

Sweet Potato Juice Hydrating Beverages

Campbell Soup Company recently launched a vegetable beverage products V8+Hydrate, the main new product is a vegetable hydrating beverage derived from sweet potato juice.

The product combines sweet potato dextrose and naturally occurring electrolytes with water to create an isotonic beverage that quickly replenishes moisture and nutrients. It is currently available in three flavors: strawberry cucumber, coconut watermelon and orange grape.

Made from vegetables, it is free of added sugar or artificial sweeteners, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan, and contains 45 calories per 8 ounces. Consumers are now focusing on products that are more prominent at the nutritional and functional levels, driven by healthy lifestyles. The launch of V8+Hydrate is also based on the user's pursuit of fresh, fresh and beautiful taste and high cost performance. The products are targeted in sports supplements or daily drinking.

Sweet potato juice hydrating beverages of Campbell Soup Company

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