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How To Do Dry Skin In Winter?

- Aug 29, 2017 -

1. white radish As the saying goes, "winter eat radish summer ginger", radish water content of up to 93.4%, is the first choice for winter replenishment. White radish raw and digestion, because of its spicy ingredients can promote gastric secretion, adjust gastrointestinal function, there is a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Cooked to eat qi gas, especially with pork, lamb and other stew with food, the effect is better. In addition, the radish in the mineral content is also high, can enhance the body immunity, prevent colds.

2. Chinese cabbage. There are few types of fruits and vegetables in winter, in order to ensure the intake of vitamin C, nature "give" our cabbage. Chinese cabbage in the vitamin C content of up to 30 mg to 40 mg / 100 g, in the same category of vegetables are high levels. Vitamin C has the effect of skin care, coupled with the high content of cabbage moisture, so cabbage is essential vegetables in winter.

3. Green bean sprouts. Green bean sprouts taste delicious, is nourishing Runzao, Qingrejiedu a good choice. Compared with the original beans, green bean sprouts increased vitamin content, increased mineral utilization, and more easily absorbed protein and polysaccharides. Green bean sprouts rich in dietary fiber can also improve gastrointestinal function. At the same time, bean sprouts moisture content is also high, you can pay water. Chinese medicine that the bean sprouts cold, sweet, with dampness heat, lipid-lowering stasis, in addition to the effect of stomach gas accumulation, cooking should be accompanied by a little ginger to neutralize its cold; cooking salt Should not be too much, to try to keep its light taste and refreshing characteristics; bean sprouts after the pot to quickly stir fry, add some vinegar, in order to save moisture and vitamin C, taste we go.

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