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Happy Yuanxiao Festival! Happy Lantern Festival!

- Mar 02, 2018 -

Yuanxiao Festival ( Lantern Festival).jpg

 Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co.,Ltd wish our customers and partners a happy Yuanxiao Festival!

Yuanxiao Festival ( Lantern Festival) is a traditional festival in China.

Yuanxiao Festival is also named Shangyuan Festival, Small First Lunar Month,Yuanxi or Lantern Festival. It is the first important festival after Spring Festival. The first lunar month is called Yuan-month, and in ancient times people called night Xiao. So, the first moon round night per year( the 15th day of first lunar month) is called Yuanxiao Festival.

Lantern Fair.jpg

The food in Yuanxiao Festival :

1. Yuanxiao, it is also named Tangyuan. In most areas of China ,people will eat Yuanxiao in  Yuanxiao Festival.

Yuanxiao ( Tangyuan).jpg 

2. Zaogen, it is also named Shanfen Hu. It is a delicious porridge, and it is the traditional food in our Taizhou. It has two tastes : salty and sweet.  

Salty Zaogen.jpg 

Salty Zaogen


Sweet Zaogen.jpg 

Sweet Zaogen


The performances in Yuanxiao Festival:

1. Dragon lantern dance


Dragon lantern dance.jpg 

2.  Lion dance

Lion dance.jpg 

3.  Landboat dance

Landboat dance.jpg 


4.  Yangge dance

Yangge dance.jpg 


5.  Walking on stilts

Walking on stilts.jpg 


6. Beating drums


Beating drums.jpg 

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