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Cause Analysis Of Chlorella Can Improve Immunity

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Although the chemical and natural purification substances have the same chemical structure, but its safety is always less than natural substances, long-term use of toxic side effects is obvious. Yang Zibin academician pointed out that "natural, balanced nutrients, is the most healthy." People pay more and more attention to health, and microalgae is recognized as "the 21st century the most ideal health food", the most important point is that we are rich in a variety of natural beneficial to the health of the effective ingredients.

Chlorella (known as green algae overseas) as the world's first birth of the super-organisms, living in drinking fresh water, the diameter of three thousandths to eight millimeters. Because it is small to our human beings can not see with the naked eye, so until the end of the 19th century scientists confirmed its existence. It uses sunlight, water and carbon dioxide as energy, more than 10 times higher than other plants photosynthetic capacity, so that each cell every 20 hours to split the four cells of the strong reproductive capacity, generate a variety of nutrients rich in green Algae. Chlorella is such a constant conversion of solar energy into all the energy needed for life, can be described as the essence of heaven and earth.

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