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Are You Using Chlorella Really? Free To Teach You To Identify

- Aug 29, 2017 -

From the appearance of discrimination

(1) Tags: non-pharmaceuticals, filing number 3 years validity, such as the emergence of 10 11 12 years of tail number, it is necessary to be careful, there is a certain effect of treatment exaggerated words are fake and shoddy products!

(2) flatulence: New Oze Chlorella is a living body, active, normal growth period will absorb carbon dioxide, the release of oxygen and other metabolites, so real goods: Chlorella bottles (sealed), slightly flatulence, If you see the light during storage and the temperature (15 ~ 35 ℃) for growth, the swelling will be more severe, the whole bottle bulging.

Fake: the bottle is not flatulence, or even deflated.

(3) color, transparency: the normal chlorella liquid should be green or green translucent liquid, algae in the sun is green, long time not see the sun, the color will darken. If the flattened ruthless, algae will float to the liquid surface; slightly flat gas algae will settle to the bottom; if the preservation period see the light, algae will be attached to the wall of the bottle; there will be shallow liquid color phenomenon, forced shake will return to yellow Or green.

Real goods: green or green translucent liquid, the bottom of a layer of precipitation (about 3 to 5 mm thick), the bottle wall with a small amount of green attachments, if more than 1 month, the bottom of the sediment increased, the upper liquid slightly transparent, take the bottle Back and forth up a few times, can be restored to yellow-green translucent state.

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