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A Significant Progress On Plant Extract: Binmei Biotechnology Company Has Made A Significant Progress On Thermostable Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin) Pigment Project

- Jan 05, 2018 -

A significant progress on plant extract:

Binmei Biotechnology Company has made a significant progress on thermostable Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin) pigment project


Today just past the new year of 2018, and is an ordinary day for most people. But it is a very unordinary day for scientific researchers of Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Today, we got an exciting good news from our technology center. The first reagent of heat-resistant Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin) in the world, has been developed successfully.

Dr. Pan Jian, the company chief scientist and team leader for stability research project of Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin), said: ”The application stability of Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin) is a worldwide problem. Stability include thermal stability, acid stability and light stability. The ordinary Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin) product ( see A in the FIG. 1 ) will begin to degenerate and inactivate in the temperature exceeds 45 ℃ , and will begin to precipitate at pH below 4.0 . Beside,It will fade easily in the hard light conditions. These result short shelf-life. Also, these properties have severely limited the applications ranges of Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin). In a long time,it is only used in some small fields ,such as in ice cream, jam, and jelly, etc. 

But now, this new heat-resistant reagent of Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin)  ( see B in the FIG. 1 ) has kept stability at the temperature over 100℃ in an hour. It meet the sterilization requirements of various food completely. And it also has good acid-resistance and light-resistance.” 

 FIG.1- Thermostable Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin).jpg

FIG. 1    A and B has been heated in 100℃ lasted for 1 hour.

A:  Ordinary Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin)

B:  Heat-resistant  Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin)

With improvements of people's living standards and health awareness, all countries in the world have revised their food safe standards one after one, and eliminated some toxic chemical-synthesis pigments. So, the multicoloured and excellent nutritional nature pigments will replace the chemical-synthesis pigments, and become the general trend of food pigments development in the world.


The spriulina extract(phycocyanin) is not only an infrequent natural pigment protein, but also an nutrition-rich and multicoloured natural blue pigment. It is a dark blue pigment extracted from spirulina. In Europe, USA and other developed countries, it is the only one who has been approved as natural edible pigment, and widely used in food coloring field. It is very safe, and its usage quantity is unlimited.

In China,as a new food pigment,it has been payed more and more attentions.However,its applications are limited by own unstability in high temperature.


As the famous & professional natural pigment company in pigments industry, Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co. Ltd. continue to strengthen investment in technology for many years. Finally, it has made a significant progress on thermostable field of Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin). By the technology of nano-molecular microencapsulation, it make the Spirulina Extract(Phycocyanin) still keeping activity in the high temperature successfully. The new technology will be used in the test productions and applications in the near future. This new technology has broken the application limited in temperature for Spirulina Extract(Phycocyanin), and bring a broad & beautiful prospect in large use for Spirulina Extract(Phycocyanin).

Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co. Ltd will hold ingenuity to focus on the development and application fields of spirulina extract(phycocyanin) unremittingly, continue the technical innovation and superego, also effort to become the most influential supplier of spirulina extract (phycocyanin) in the world.


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