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A Recent Popular Coffee--Blue Velvet Latte(Phycocyanin Latte)

- Apr 21, 2018 -

Phycocyanin Latte - Afternoon Tea


One coffee called Blue Velvet Latte is very popular recently!

Blue Velvet Latte(Phycocyanin Latte)1.jpg 

Since last year, I believe you have seen the Blue Velvet Latte from kinds of social media.It becomes the new expensive beverage in a few days. It seems that the Blue Velvet Latte shocked the crowds, they don’t know how to call the additive, they confused. 

Today, I want to talk about these lattes.

Actually, Blue Velvet Latte, it has another name called ' Phycocyanin Latte '.

New coffee Phycocyanin Latte.jpg

The blue of Blue Velvet Latte is extracted from Spirulina (blue-green algae), and named phycocyanin. It is as beautiful as the sky. The Blue Velvet Latte has light frangrance of coconut mixed with the white chocolate. Pepole will feel self like in the clear sky and many clouds.


Spirulina Extract -- Phycocyanin

It can refresh,anti-age,strengthen the immunity.

Blue Velvet Latte is added with the health color of nature phycocyanin, there is no chemical pigment!


Phycocyanin is extarcted from the high nutritional value Spirulina which is one of the edible blue-green algae.This kind of algae has protein, Vitamins and minerals. It has defined by the World Health Organization as 'super food' to improve people health. Actually,some friends are eating Spirulina in daily. 97% compound substance of spirulina can be absorded by human body, so it is very helpful. Generally, the powder of Blue Velvet Latte in market is the nature extract phycocyanin. Its color looks more like the blue sky,not too bright-colored

recent popular coffee Phycocyanin Latte.jpg 

It can depend on beauty, but it relies on its quality.

Phycocyanin is a water-soluble pigment, non-toxic,pure blue, can be used as a food colorant.Itself is a nutritious protein with a full range of amino acids, including 37.2% of body’s essential amino acids. It is a rare porphyrin pigment protein seperated and purificated from Spirulina (blue-green algae). And it is the natural edible pigment permitted by the official mission. More importantly, studies show that phycocyanin can significantly reduce the damage of human leukocytes during radiotherapy, stimulate colony formation of red blood cells and platelets, improve immunity and protect liver tissue.It has unique fluorescent properties and good biological efficacy. It also has the same properties as protein.The products are blue particles or powder. It is water soluble, insoluble in alcohol and oil.Organic solvents such as alcohol can lead to the irreversible denaturation of phycocyanin.The color of its aqueous solution is bright blue.

Binmei Biotechnoloy Phycocyanin powder blue algae extract .jpg

Phycocyanin is the only edible blue pigment in the EU.

Last year, the EU has banned chemical synthesis blue pigments in the field of food and medicine.

Phycocyanin has been listed in the list of food additives in many countries.The EU has already classified phycocyanin as a color food raw material, and its consumption is not limited in food. China’s GB2760 catalogue of food additives also approves phycocyanin as a natural coloring agent. And in the USA,Phycocyanin is a natural blue pigment recognized by FDA. 

Its good safety and functionality are being studied and proved worldwide.With the attention of people to healthy life and the damage of chemical synthetic pigment, the demands of natural pigments become more and more. 

Phycocyanin Latte - Afternoon Tea.jpg 

This cup of Blue Velvet Latte tastes sweet, though it is called latte, but it is a decaffeinated drink.Many coffee shops have launched color series of all drinks without caffeine.Healthy and nutritious Blue Velvet Latte is perfect with muffin.The mysterious blue makes coffee very shine.

The silk slippery taste into the throat is really satisfying in the afternoons.

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