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The counterattack of blue food - Phycocyanin

- Jul 10, 2018 -

      In the course of mankind's survival and development, food is rarely blue or cool color. Long experience accumulated and inherited. In our subconscious, cool color food is weird and nauseous, thought this preconceived idea may not be scientific. The knowledge that people has no appetite for cool color food is subconsciously misled. So today, let us rehabilitate it.            

      In your mind, maybe blue food is like this:


     But in fact, they can be like this:


     Even like this:


      Blue is the rarest color in natural food. Because of the refraction of light, there are few blue plants and blue animals. When people choose food, apart from their senses, they are usually influenced by psychological factors. Familiar with or accustomed to colors such as green, white, red, yellow and so on, people have a psychological resistance to uncommon colors.

Is food with blue color really hard to eat?

      In fact, only with a little skills, we can make blue food look delicious. In Thailand, Japan, Europe and the United States, blue food is a new trend. It not only can satisfy people’s curiosity, but is also healthy.


                    Blue velvet latte in Europe                                                 Blue spirulina noodle in Japan

      The pigment of these blue foods is phycocyanin, a blue pigment extracted from Spirulina. It is one of the rarest pigments in nature. It is not only an excellent natural food coloring, but also a nutritious protein with a complete amino acid composition and high essential amino acid content. It also has antioxidant, anti-tumor, anti radiation, and blood enriching functions. It is widely used in food coloring, health products, medicine and cosmetic products. It is a new type of raw material that integrates pigment and health care functions. It is a color food permitted by the European Union and is the only edible natural blue pigment approved by FDA.


     With the continuous improvement of living standards, people not only pay more and more attention to diet health in daily life, but also inclined to buy "healthy food". Therefore, more and more large enterprises are concerning about the natural raw materials industry. Phycocyanin becomes one of their most important products. Binmei will continue to concentrate on the development and application of Spirulina extract (phycocyanin), and continue to surpass itself. It is becoming one of the most influential phycocyanin suppliers in the world.


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