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Study on spirulina application in the last ten years 1

- May 21, 2018 -

1. Spirulina buckwheat steamed bun            

Spirulina, tartary buckwheat flour and wheat flour are used to produce spirulina buckwheat steamed bun that has high nutritional value, health care effect and unique flavor by selecting suitable proportions, suitable preparation technology and the odor removal method.            

Tartary buckwheat has the effect of lowering blood sugar, blood lipid, blood pressure and enhancing human immunity, but its protein content is low, it is difficult to form an effective gluten and difficult to process. The nutritional value of spirulina is high, and it has excellent health care effect, especially for prevention of hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and hypertension. Moreover, spirulina contains balanced nutrients, which can regulate fat metabolism and lose weight.

 2. Spirulina beer            

Spirulina beer is green and enchanting. The bubble is white and delicate.Cup-hanging is lasting. It enriches the variety of brewed beer. With full of nutrition and health care function, it will be favored by the majority of consumers.             

spirulina beer.jpg

3. Spirulina chocolate jelly            

Adding honey, Maillard reaction and chocolate masks, three methods are used to improve the flavour of spirulina. Then make spirulina and chocolate into two shapes, lump and granular, and add them into jelly. The flavored and nutrition balanced spirulina chocolate jelly is made.

4. Spirulina noodle            

The spirulina noodle not only preserves the vast majority of the nutrient components of spirulina itself, eliminates the smell of spirulina, but also improves and enriches the nutritional value of the noodle itself, especially the content of protein and calcium, iron and zinc. It is a cheap and fine health food, and perfect for people with low immunity. This production technology can be widely extended to large enterprises for mass production.

spirulina noodle.jpg

5.Spirulina fermented glutinous rice            

Fermented glutinous rice is a favorite traditional fermented food for Chinese. It is a low alcohol wine made from glutinous rice. It has the unique style of low alcohol content, rich nutrition, sweet and delicious taste. It contains many kinds of essential amino acids. The amino acids content is the highest in wine. The sugar content is low. It has the effects of invigorating the stomach and strengthening the spleen. It is favored by consumers. Spirulina fermented glutinous rice has unique flavor, bright green color, sweet taste and rich nutrition. It not only increases the color and aroma of fermented glutinous rice, but also improves the nutritional value and health care effect of fermented glutinous rice. 

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