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Sports nutrition(such as Spirulina Extract) booming in China

- Dec 18, 2017 -

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After the National Health and Family Planning Commission of PRC issued the General Rules for National Food Safety Standards of Sports Nutrition Food (hereinafter referred to as the General Rules for Sports Nutrition Food), sports nutrition food,such as spirulina extract, in China ushered in a new period of development with the market gradually mature and embarking on the track of healthy development. Sports nutrition food (spirulina extract) has much development stamina with no worries in China’s market prospects.


It is understood that although China’s sports nutrition food (spirulina extract) starts late, accompanied by the upsurge of sports developing rapidly. Data show that China’s sports nutrition food sales in 2004 was 1 billion to 1.5 billion yuan, and in 2005 increased to 3 billion yuan, and that the market size reached 5 billion yuan in 2008. Insiders predict that in the future China’s sports nutrition food market will maintain the growth rate higher than 20% .


Now China sports nutrition food consumer groups include professional sports team, sports enthusiasts,sports specialty students and now the ordinary people who love sports, realizing the expansion from professionals to the public groups.


In October 2014, the State Council of China issued the Some Opinions on Speeding up the Development of Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption, taking the public fitness as a national strategy,and enhancing people’s physique and health as a fundamental goal. The sports industry shall be supported as a green industry and a sunrise industry. It mentioned that by 2025, the total scale of the sports industry would exceed 5 trillion yuan, and that the sports industry would become an important force to promote economic and social development.


On June 1, 2017, Beijing Food and Drug Administration issued the General Rules for Examination of Production Permit for Sports Nutrition Food (Draft),and clearly specified that the labels and claims of sports nutrition food spirulina extract should conform to the provisions of GB 13432. The main display surface of the label should be marked with “sport nutrition food” and its classification, as well as the food additives in the name of the same or similar category. If there is an unsuitable population, it should be marked in the label; the products added with creatine should be marked in the label: “it is suitable for pregnant women, lactating women, children and infants to eat”. The labels of sports nutrition food spirulina extract can not make any functional claims. This will greatly boost the development of China’s sports nutrition food market. It is estimated that every year it will increase by 20% or faster, so there is still considerable room for the growth of sports nutrition food.

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