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Spirulina Powder hotpot seasoning

- Jan 09, 2019 -

Spirulina Powder Hotpot Seasoning

Binmei spirulina-powder

Spirulina platensis is rich in high-quality protein and vitamins and minerals needed daily by human body, beta-carotene, 18 kinds of amino acids, phycocyanin, unique unsaturated fatty acids and other rare nutrients to enhance human immune function. Spirulina is an ancient microorganism that can only be seen under a microscope.

Spirulina is a natural nutrient, which is rich in nutrients and widely accepted by more and more people. Its application scope has also expanded. In addition to being used in health care products and pharmaceutical industries, Spirulina is also widely used in cosmetics, food, catering, condiments and other industries.


Food industry: moon cake fillings, Spirulina noodles, Spirulina cakes, or in accordance with a certain proportion of prepared in a variety of nutrients.

spirulina powder pull noodles binmei

Spirulina Pull Noodles

Spirulina powder steamed buns

Spirulina Powder steamed buns

Food and beverage: At present, Spirulina is setting off a green hot pot fashion trend in the catering industry, integrating the concept of green health into the catering culture and eating health in fashion.

Spirulina powder hotpot seasoning binmei

Spirulina powder hotpot seasoning are green and green. There are also lovely mushrooms and tender yellow corn floating in the soup bottoms, with a natural algae fragrance. Now Spirulina has subverted the traditional ingredient formula of chafing dish. Nowadays, health preservation is popular in society. This modern diet with healthy food as the main ingredient is becoming more and more popular.

Condiments: The major domestic condiment enterprises have recently turned their research and development to Spirulina. As a new condiment variety, Spirulina not only increases the score of condiments in color and taste, but also makes up for the deficiency of traditional condiments which only focus on taste but lack nutrition.

We Binmei can provide raw materials for major food, health products and cosmetics enterprises for a long time, with complete qualification certificates and qualified product quality.

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