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Selection of Spirulina

- Aug 29, 2017 -

1. look at the mark. For Spirulina Health food, health food products must have a formal national approval number and "blue hat logo. The information stated in the product label must be in conformity with the requirements of the national standard for health food labeling. Such as the list of ingredients, ingredients and content, suitable for people, people and the health function of edible taboo claims, taking methods, net content, shelf life, product standards, hygiene license number, manufacturer and / or dealer name and address information. If any of the main information is missing, it must be questioned.

2. look at the color. 100% pure natural spirulina algae powder, both powder, tablet and capsule are in dark green with yellow (do not look at the surface, but also broke the see cross section color): pure green Spirulina products, it may be a problem, or shoddy or counterfeit, or doped with other substances. Because the processing of Spirulina is very dry, easy to absorb moisture, moisture absorption may gradually become green, and prone to spoilage, eating this Spirulina is not only unhelpful, but also harmful.

3. smell. Spirulina has a special smell of algae or sea smell. Without this peculiar smell, it may not be processed by Spirulina or stored raw algae powder for a long time.

4. look at hardness. For spirulina tablet products, hand breaking, the more hard Spirulina slice doped with other ingredients, and the quality of hand break can be separated.

5. taste. Spirulina tastes fresh and usually has a slightly alkaline flavor. If the base is ambiguous, it is not standard. In addition, 100% of Spirulina products should be relatively sticky.

6. water solubility observation. The spirulina powder or tablet into a glass filled with pure water, dissolved, to observe the color of water. For good quality, the water should be green and turn blue after half an hour.

7. look at the packing. Some nutrients in Spirulina are isolated from the air, such as blue pigment, carotene and so on. Therefore, there must be moisture-proof, moisture-proof, light packaging, packaging is the product of the inherent quality of the protection layer. If the package does not meet the state regulations, it is easy to cause the loss and deterioration of Spirulina nutrients.

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