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Phycocyanin used as an Immune System Modulator in Cancer Therapy

- Nov 18, 2017 -

Phycocyanin used as an Immune System Modulator in Cancer Therapy:

Phycocyanin used in cancer therapy is that the regular intakes of this molecule have been shown to boost immune responses. Therefore, the likely benefits of phycocyanin in clinical cancer therapy especially when used as an adjuvant to chemotherapy are: improved response of cancers to chemotherapy, boost immune system to fight cancer spread; and reduced risk that chemotherapy may eventually give rise to a new cancer.

Phycocyanin affects the stem cells found in bone marrow, which produce white blood cells that make up the cellular immune system and red blood cells that oxygenate the body.

Phycocyanin emulates the affect of the hormone erythropoetin, (EPO), which is produced by healthy kidneys and regulates bone marrow stem cell production of red blood cells (Kozlenko and Henson, 1998).

Phycocyanin enhances secretary IgA antibody response and suppresses allergic IgE antibody response in mice immunized with antigen-entrapped biodegradable microparticles (Nemoto-Kawamura et. al., 2004).

The particular types of immune cells involved in cancer control, cytotoxic T lymphocytes and NK cells, function more effectively with increased intakes of Phycocyanin (Arias et. al., 2011).

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