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Nutritional value of Spirulina

- Aug 29, 2017 -

The content of protein in Spirulina is 1.5 times that of soybean, 10 times of rice, 4 times of pork, 3 times of beef, 3.7 times of chicken, 5 times of egg, 3 times of fish, 2.4 times of cheese. The content of beta carotene in Spirulina is 15 times that of carrot,

The content of vitamin B12 in Spirulina is 4 times that of pig liver,

Every 100 grams of algal powder, gamma linolenic acid content of up to 1200 mg or more. So far, gamma linolenic acid, which is considered to be a direct edible, is only available in human milk and spirulina, and the gamma linolenic acid in Spirulina is 500 times that of human milk.

The content of chlorophyll in Spirulina is very rich, which is 2-3 times of that of most terrestrial plants, and is more than 10 times of that of ordinary vegetables,

Spirulina has only 5% fat content, 50% pork content, 24.08% beef content, 4% fish Content and 8.8% egg.

Spirulina Polysaccharide as high as 14%-16%/g, Ganoderma lucidum content is 1.28%/g times, and aloe content is 1%/kg.

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