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New daze Chlorella can be used in a crab breeding in?

- Aug 29, 2017 -

There is water and water crab pond pond in two ways. Water pond crab shrimp fry when the activity is not strong, the feeding ability is weak, due to the lack of suitable food, had low survival rate in the production of multi-purpose water pond. Therefore, the fertilization of water and algae before releasing seedlings is a crucial link in the process of crab culture, and water and fertilizer are the aquatic organisms that can be used as early bait. This link is not only related to the survival rate of seedlings, the health status of the seedlings, but also related to the ability of anti stress and disease resistance of crabs and the rate of catching and catching of crabs, and even more important to the breeding output and even the success of breeding.

Chlorella is rich in protein dry weight up to about 50%, is a good protein production and algae contain vitamins, polysaccharide, unsaturated fatty acid, chlorophyll, carotenoid, shrimp, crab, is the best natural bait, and natural immune substances in Chlorella protein and growth promoting substances, is feed cannot reach. In early days of the crab pond, Chlorella was used, the water was tender and the crab was fed by filtered water, which greatly improved the success rate of shelling.

With the temperature increasing, water under acidic conditions to the outbreak of blue-green algae, and easy to harm. Some studies have shown that the ratio of diatom to green algae in the peak stage is as high as 90% of the number of microalgae in water bodies. The use of new daze Chlorella in the breeding process, which plays a leading role in the water, can effectively inhibit the occurrence of cyanobacteria, reducing the risk of breeding.

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