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Functional Solid Powder Drink

- Jul 05, 2018 -

Functional Solid Powder Drink

Sports nutrition is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing health consumer goods nowadays. Data from Euromonitor showed that sales of global sports nutrition were only $7 billion 300 million in 2011, and by 2016 this figure has climbed to $11 billion 900 million. It is expected that the annual growth rate will reach 7.9% in 2016-2021. Today, when we refer to sports nutrition, it is no longer only applicable to trained athletes. More and more "ordinary people" have begun to incorporate sports nutritions into daily health consumption, especially natural and plant protein beverages, as an important part of their pursuit of healthy lifestyle.

At China Food Exhibition on May 14, a new nutrition campaign, namely solid drink, attracted us. Because of the instability of our product phycocyanin in liquid state, it restricts its market application as a liquid drink, and phycocyanin is very stable in the state of powder, so it is basically solid drink in the application of beverage, but the process of the solid beverage is tedious and restricts the day. The convenience of instant drinking also shrinks the sales market. The packaging design of this new nutritious sports drink has solved the double problems. The concentrated solid powder of this drink is hidden in the lid of a bottle. There are three separate solid powder storage spaces. You can adjust different concentrations by yourself. When you need to drink, just press the button and the solid drink will fall into the bottle and gently shake it to dissolve. After drinking liquid in the bottle, there is also the remaining solid beverage. Open the lid and connect to the purified water for drinking again. If the phycocyanin solid beverage is sold in such a package,  we believe that the sales market will be unlimited in the future.

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Phycocyanin is a dark blue pigment extracted from Spirulina. It is one of the rare pigments in nature. It is not only bright in color, but also a nutritious protein itself. Its amino acid composition is complete and essential amino acid content is high. It is not only a kind of protein, but also an excellent natural edible pigment, at the same time it also has the function of promoting the regeneration of blood cells, curing the ovaries, promoting the synthetic elastin in the human body, antioxidation, anti tumor, radiation resistance, blood supplement, and improving the human immunity. Therefore, phycocyanin is known as "Food Diamond" by food experts. In Europe and America, Japan and other countries, phycocyanin is widely used as a high-grade natural pigment in food and cosmetics, and has been made into health products and medicines. Phycocyanin is the only natural blue pigment in Europe and the United States, and it is a colorful food in the European Union.

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         The development of vegetable protein beverages, especially those seeking healthy leisure lifestyle, has shown a strong interest in such products. And a recent online survey by Mintel found that nearly half of the respondents even drank sports drinks when they didn't exercise, which was also an important factor in the frequency of RTD drinks. On the other hand, although the male consumer is a relatively stable demand source for sports nutrition, with the significant change in the movement concept and pattern of female consumers, the control of weight is no longer the only sports nutrition demand for female consumers. This change makes women in the field of sports camps hopeful that their exclusive health products are possible. For the new sports nutrition growth point. Similar to the growth of female consumers, there are older consumer groups, and the aging process around the world has made more and more elderly people want to incorporate sports nutrition into the diet program. Spirulina Extract (phycocyanin), which is derived from natural algae and more powerful functions, has a certain health care effect for different ages and sexes, and has no side effects. It is in line with the current consumption concept and health consciousness. More and more health food manufacturers in China have already observed the product and put it into production. The excellent and unique beverage not only needs novelty, unexpected ingredients, but also has an outstanding appearance value, that is, beautiful and decent outer packaging. Such a drink can always stimulate impulse consumption. At the same time, you can add convenience to buy at any time and drink at any time, believing that the birth of such a beverage will have an explosive growth and a broad market.


       Traditional steam companies, such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, once covered almost all shelf space, and now are the best places to put healthy and natural ingredients in the first place - especially functional drinks, which promise to improve source, health, nutrition, sleep and so on. In short words ,such as health, nutrition and function have become popular among people.

      We expect that phycocyanin will become a healthy housekeeper for everyone.Binmei Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, adhering to the concept of green,health and safety,alwayds keeping in mind the mission of safety and health, will work hard in the field of the development and application of Spirulina Extract(Phycocyanin),and endeavor to make Binmei Company the most influential phycocyanin supplier in the world. Binmei will continue to focus on the continuous innovation and self transcendence in the field of algae extraction and application, so that health and safety can be brought to very corner of life.


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