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Functional Food Spirulina Extract Future Trends In China

- Dec 18, 2017 -

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As of May 2016. China has approved 16443 kinds of health food. Wherein, 15694 kinds are domestic and 749 kinds are imported. The functional food Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin) in the China market should be endowed with new connotations, making it have a new form like food and drink, and expand the area of nutrient supplement in combination with foreign conditions. In addition to vitamins, amino acids, minerals and so on. Spirulina Extract is the natural nurition has a good supplementary effect on dietary nutrition. 

One of the possible directions for future functional food Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin) is special dietary food. The main development direction is special groups, including the group with special nutritional needs (aging population, infants and pregnant women), the group with special nutritional Spirulina Extract needs under normal physiological conditions (infants, pregnant women, and the middle-aged and elderly) and the group working under special environment (field, expedition, emergency relief, ocean voyage and aerospace). 

Functional food Spirulina Extract is not the health products only. It will develop mainly for special groups in the future. 

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