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Development Of Spirulina Extract Impregnated Nanofiber Cosmetic Patch

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Cosmetic patches have recently been developed as skin products for personal care owing to rapid advances in the technology of delivery of active ingredients, moisture, and adhesiveness to skin. 

Alginate and Spirulina are typical marine resources used in cosmetic products. 

This research involved the development of a Spirulina Extract impregnated alginate nanofiber cosmetic patch supported by a polycaprolactone (PCL) nanofiber cover (Spi/Alg-PCL NF patch). 

In addition to the ability of alginate to affect moisture and adhesiveness to skin, the impregnation of Spirulina extract strengthened those abilities as well as its own bioactive effectiveness. 

All fabrication processing steps were undertaken in aqueous solution. 

The three components (alginate, Spirulina extract, and PCL) had no detected cytotoxicity in human keratinocyte cell-based examination. In addition, wetting the pre-dried patch on the skin resulted in the Spirulina Extract being released within 30 min. 

The results indicate the excellence of the Spi/Alg-PCL NF patch as a skin-care cosmetic device.

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