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Chlorella challenge

- Aug 29, 2017 -

1. What is Chlorella like?

Answer: Chlorella is a unique spherical plant, lived on earth 3 years ago billion.

2, Chlorella vulgaris, who first discovered the name?

Answer: Holland Perrin microbiologist (M-W-Beiyonick).

3. which country first uses Chlorella food as food?

A: the German government.

4, when will Japanese scientists conduct large-scale commercial training for them?

Answer: mid twentieth Century.

5, Chlorella is what kind of algae?

Answer: single celled, small, isolated or clustered algae.

6, how big are Chlorella cells?

Answer: 2-10 microns, human body red blood cell size is quite.

7 what kinds of Chlorella do you have?

Answer: fresh water, salt water species, fresh water species account for the vast majority.

8 how long did the research and development of Chlorella last?

Answer: half a century.

9, the cultivation of unicellular algae has attracted more and more attention. First of all, what is the object of development and research?

Answer: Chlorella

10 what does Chlorella contain?

Answer: proteins (60%), carbohydrates (20%), chlorophyll (5%), minerals, vitamins, cellulose and green algae, cell growth promoting factors, CGF, etc..

11. What is the abbreviation for chlorella growth promoting factor?

Answer: CGF.

12 what does cell growth promoting factor contain?

Answer: DNA and RNA.

13, how many grams of CGF do you have in 13 and 100 grams of Chlorella?

Answer: 100 grams Chlorella contains 4-5 grams CGF.

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